Escalators & Moving Walkways

Escalator installations and moving walkways in Cheshire

Ascent Lift Consultancy Ltd provides escalators and moving walkway installation. We provide services for customers in Cheshire and across the UK. 

Professional installation services

Ascent Lift Consultancy Ltd provides top-quality escalator installation services. You can choose from a range of escalators that are available in a variety of designs. Our escalators are not only practical but they look great too. They are designed to enhance the interiors of your commercial space and increase its value. If you have anything particular in mind you can discuss it with our staff and we will provide you with a customised and competitively priced service. 
Moving walkways

Moving walkways

We provide superior quality moving walkways. Our walkways are durable and designed to transport bulky luggage and trolleys. If you would like a walkway installed, speak to our staff today.
moving walkway maintenance

Repairs and maintenance solutions

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your escalators and moving walkways in top condition. If you need repairs and maintenance for your moving walkways or escalators, contact our experts today.
For escalator installations and moving walkways, call Ascent Lift Consultancy Ltd in Cheshire on 07450 499 284 or 01270 460 409

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